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Developing Dreams Together

Understanding our ‘Why’
Everyone has a reason for doing what they do. We picked the name ‘LucidWhy’ as a way to help refocus and remind us to be crystal clear(Lucid) of our ‘Why’. As we speak to other investors we often find very similar stories and similar ‘Why’s’ motivating them. Financial freedom and having the time to invest in ourselves and our families. Involving our kids and helping them learn about passive income and making our money work for us and future proofing our families.



LucidWhy provides a multitude of opportunities to grow with together.  Equity partnerships, private mortgages\lending

Successful Work Team


Come along for the journey as a partner where we take care of all the work and you enjoy all the benefits of owning a real estate asset.  From the beginning to the end...

  • Property acquisition

  • Investment Approach

  • Day to day Property Management

  • Financial management

Suburban Homes


Secured by an asset private mortgages are a great way to achieve great returns in a hands off investment!

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Why give all the fun to big banks?!?!  We always have opportunities for private lending.

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No fuss no muss.  Cashflowing turn key properties are getting harder and harder to find.  Depending on your 'Why' these type of investments could the right vehicle for you.  Our 2 properties in New Brunswick have a very appealing price point and the cash flow is always good.  Our other property in Essex, Ontario has terrific rent and 3 large units.



Where the Passion Begins



Brent Black is a seasoned engagement manager working in the IT space for 20+ years. Developer and project manager by trade he’s a detail oriented number cruncher. Managing million dollar budgets and cross functional project teams to deliver on time and with in budget. Starting his real estate investor journey in 2018 he dove head long into multi family rentals purchasing 8 doors his first year, multiple private lending and land development deals as well as getting involved in a REIT. His why’s are his wife and 4 young boys

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Mark Yataco is an entrepreneur and investor that has been in the real estate space for 12+ years. As owner of JMH Canada which offers real estate development, residential and commercial renovation services. He has specialized in renovating in the multi-family space for 12+ years. As a primary partner of Pulis Investments JMH has completed numerous rental projects from single family homes to buildings with 50+ units always using products and design ideas that keep investors in mind. Mark’s why are his wife and 4 young kids.


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